Everyday Parenting

The Everyday Parenting Program is designed as a companion program for the Family Check-Up.  When used together, parents who wish to improve their parenting and family management skills can work with their Family Check-Up provider to address those goals after completing the Family Check-Up.

This program is designed to follow the FCU components, but can be offered as a standalone service as well. The Everyday Parenting program is a research-based family management training program that addresses three main skill areas: supporting positive behavior, setting healthy limits, and building family relationships.  The Everyday Parenting program can be used for guiding individual therapy, leading parent groups, and training counselors to utilize experiential and reflective techniques for working collaboratively with parents and caregivers of children and adolescents.


Key Sessions in the Everyday Parenting Model:

Positive Behavior Support

  1. Parent requests and child cooperation
  2. Parent praise for child cooperation
  3. Behavior-change plans/incentives
  4. Behavior-change plans/barriers

Limit Setting & Monitoring

  1. Monitoring daily activities
  2. SANE guidelines for limit setting
  3. Proactive limit setting
  4. Limit setting challenges/regulation

Relationship Building Skills

  1. Negotiating conflict
  2. Choosing solutions to family problems
  3. Proactive positive routines
  4. Shared family routines and activities

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